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AquaSur Tech’s contribution to the development of a sustainable industry highlighted

The event will have several spaces to learn in detail about the tools that different companies make available to the industry.

Publicada: Thursday 9 de March del 2023
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Chile: The first AquaSur Tech fair will be held in Punta Arenas on March 29 and 30 with a format that will seek to bridge the technological gap in the industry, with demonstrations and exhibitions by the main suppliers. In Magallanes they highlight the opportunity to promote innovation and sustainability. The Magallanes Region has high expectations for the unprecedented meeting that will take place at the end of March in the halls of the Dreams Hotel, which will bring together salmon producers and technology suppliers, in a format that will bring innovations and new tools for the sector in a practical way. The event is organized by Fisa and GL Events with the support of the Association of Salmon and Trout Producers of Magallanes, an entity that sought to give its associates in the region an opportunity to approach the innovations that best respond to the special conditions of the southernmost zone. “The AquaSur Tech Fair is a meeting point between the aquaculture industry of Magallanes, producers and suppliers of technological solutions that come together in the same event to share their experiences, studies, learning and good practices, seeking to promote innovation and sustainability of our sector in the region,” said the president of the Magallanes Salmon Farmers Association, Carlos Odebret. The design of the event considers the option for the public to visit 35 exhibition stands where different companies will show technological solutions for the industry; and there will also be a workshop where suppliers will have time to present their proposals and answer queries from decision-makers in the production companies. On the first day of the event this part will work with three technical committees to disseminate advances in health technologies, biosafety and genetics; artificial intelligence, internet of things, infrastructure, production technologies, ingredients and food; and technologies for processing plants, logistics and circularity. During the second day, the work will be organized through panels by companies, public institutions and academia with more than 30 speakers to discuss topics such as the contribution of science to the industry, sustainable production and innovations in food. It will also be an opportunity to bring the industry closer to the regional community, to disseminate the most relevant topics of the industry, its contribution to the economy and the cutting-edge technologies that support it. In this respect, Odebret commented to Salmonexpert that “the connectivity that has been achieved worldwide means that the Magallanes Region does not have any complexity in accessing any type of technological development. We even saw recently that AquaChile installed a free public access antenna in Puerto Eden so that the people of that town can have high-speed internet. This action will benefit 60 people living in the area and shows that we are an industry that uses state-of-the-art technology, both externally and in our internal processes”. From this perspective, AquaSur Tech will also be a glimpse of the future of the salmon farming industry in Magallanes and its contribution to the development of the southernmost area of the country. Fuente: Salmonexpert

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