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Magallanes is a region of Chile characterized by the coexistence of nature, cultural expressions and conservation areas with economic activities such as artisanal fishing, aquaculture, tourism, sheep farming, among others. The management of the use of the coastal edge in favor of a harmonious coexistence, in line with science-based indicators for aquaculture production, regulations, new solutions and strategies to address a production that aims at a traceable and quantifiable sustainability, is the challenge posed by the ESG reports. How to reach these goals, opens a space for implicit collaboration between suppliers and producers, who advance from innovation to validation of technologies in production conditions, reducing uncertainty in the process and oriented by sustainability, this transforms the process into a meaningful process and gives direction to collaborations and new technologies. This challenge, as a space for networking, collaboration and demonstration of technologies is what AQUASUR TECH proposes to be in odd years, a prelude to AQUASUR that takes place in even years.

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